October 10 and 11, 2019

Thursday and Friday at 7PM

Pastors and Friends, 

You are invited to join us for our 2019 Why Baptist Meeting here at Victory Baptist Church.  This year, Pastor Jeff Faggart and Pastor Jim Alter will be preaching for us.  With so much spiritual ambiguity in these latter days, the Baptist distinction brings a bible believing clarity and direction in bold opposition to the spirit of the age.  We would be honored to have you come!

For the cause of Christ,

Pastor Ryan Guenther


Too many have forgotten their heritage and thereby have incorrectly assumed that it is unimportant.  A wise man once said that the only thing that men learn from history, is that men never learn from history.  This meeting is to encourage Pastors and preachers in the faith to keep on keeping on.

What if one day you opened your medicine cabinet and there were no labels on your prescription drug bottles?   There are many different kind of bottles that look the same, however; if it wasn’t for the label, you would be playing a guessing game at the risk of your health.

The label of “BAPTIST”, defines this church Biblically and Historically.  The Word of God is the determining factor on why we have been called “Baptist”.  It does not matter the direction others may go.  When other Christians lose their testimony, we do not drop the name “Christian”.  Likewise, we do not hold the Baptist name because of the perception of people; we hold the Baptist name because of the doctrine of the Word of God.  The entirety of all Christian denominations and non-denominational church’s say they believe in Jesus.  “That it’s all about Jesus!”  The majority of Christian denominations say they believe the Bible.  Which Bible?  So what is the difference?  Do labels really matter?   Well, just ask the guy who just overdosed on a prescription drug bottle with no label. 

There are distinct doctrines that a Baptist holds that is unlike any protestant church.  You see, Baptists are not Protestants.  Here are some of the Baptist distinctions:

Audio Messages

Acronym of Baptist Distinctives:

B. Bible is the FINAL Authority for all matters of Faith and Practice

A. Automony of the local Church

P. Priesthood of the believer

T. Two Ordinances

I. Individual Soul Liberty

S. Saved, Baptized, Church Membership

T. Two Offices

S. Separaton of Church and State

Messages From Pastor Guenther*

Messages From previous "Why Baptist Meetings" hosted at Victory Baptist church

The following link will take you to a page of preaching messages revealing Baptist principles.  You can “right click” under some of the messages to open a PDF file for your personal study. 
I recommend these preachers and would refer to them as Bible Believing, Rightly Dividing, Baptists.